The Spicy Challenge

The Spicy Challenge

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Challenge someone to this devil heat box. Caution: will make grown men cry tears of pain. No onions required. The perfect box that will bring the biggest macho man to tears.

1 x Hottest Corn Chip Box 
1 x Hot and Spicy Onion Rings
1 x Mentos Cinnamon
1x Snickers Limited edition- Fiery Chilli  
1x OJ's Hot Nuts (227g) (MADE IN USA)
1 x Huff & Puff Pork Crackle - Hot American BBQ
1 x Extreme Heat Worms (MADE IN USA)

* not recommended for anyone with a cardiac condition, gastrointestinal problems, or if you have any other serious medical conditions or anyone pregnant or breastfeeding.

*In the event that we are out of stock of a particular product, we reserve the right to substitute for another suitable product of equal or higher value.